Basic Bible Course

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The real life, the meaning of life, the full life, eternal life –can be achieved if you honestly take this brief and exciting course about the Word of God.

The most important and comprehensive information of the human existence is summarized in the following lessons from the Basic Bible Course. As the course contains answers to the most basic philosophical questions about humanity, it is summarized as the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. These lessons are the basis for a happy and successful life.

Questions like:

  • What is the origin of mankind?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • How can I find out and live the reason for my stay here on the Earth?
  • What is my destiny after death?
  • How do I know the truth?
  • How can I be sure?

They are answered in this course.

Each lesson contains a wide range of theological and philosophical truths that will lead you to levels of knowledge even deeper. Other courses will follow this one. May the true happiness and life be embraced by you!

May God bless you!


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